Rider – Addyson McQuaig


Hi, my name is Addyson and I’m 4 years old. My very first race was 1 week after my 1st birthday. I have raced all over Ontario, as well as New York, Pennsylvania , Michigan, North Carolina and South Carolina and Oklahoma at the 2014 Grands where I finished 5th out of 15 riders. I have been featured on the STRIDER website as “The Daily Dose of Cuteness” and got to be part of the 2014 STRIDER calendar as a January “Calendar Kid”. I have a new SSQUARED mini that I’m learning to ride and I race weekly at KBMX, Gan BMX and Nepean BMX. I like to race and hang out with my teammates and friends at the track and look forward to the new season and getting back to all the tracks to see everyone.


2016 season is winding down and I have some updates. I turned 5 in in July and I learned to ride my new SSQAURED mini and I can balance in the gate by myself. I qualified for the Gold Cup Finals where I won the GC #2 for 5 and Under Girls and I won the CNAG (Canadian National Age Group) #2 for 5 and Under Girls. I raced a UCI event this year in Quebec to be eligible for the World Championships in SC next year and waiting to see after the selection process if I can attend. I am going to start racing cruiser as well for 2017 to get more track time, and, have a new set of rollers that I train on every day. I still have a few more races to do this year and looking forward to next year and travelling to new tracks

2017 update: I’m now racing 2 classes, 5 and Under Girls and 10 and Under Girls Cruiser. I have a new SSQUARED JR frame that I call “Monster” and a cruiser that my dad has accessorized in cool colors. I’m still practicing on my rollers and racing the Winter Series at Grippen Park. I can’t wait to get back to racing outdoors and hanging with my teammates again.